The Probe Lens!


Product Videos

Earlier on in the year we were commissioned by Commotion to produce some short product videos for their range of children’s toys.

As many of the products were fairly small in size we wanted to capture a unique perspective, one almost of a child’s imagination. For this we turned to our laowa probe lens.

Its design allows you to get up close and personal with your subject, but unlike a conventional macro it provides a wide angle of view and it can fit through things!

Being wide angle means you can keep almost all of the subjects in your shot in focus, but this requires a large aperture range. At it’s very brightest it is F14! which for those none camera people means at F14 on a conventional lens would be almost totally closed and pitch black.

As a result of this you need an incredible amount of light in your scene for the shots to be useable.

Here is a behind the scenes peak at how we filmed the shots with around 6 to 7 very powerful video lights.


The full products videos are below. For moe information about how we can help promote your products through video, contact us here.