Aerial Filming

Drone footage is a great addition to many productions

Drone Filming Based in Kent


As drone operators based in Kent, but filming UK wide, we have been flying drones since they exploded onto the scenes back in 2013. Our aerial filming team were among the very first in the UK to register as professional drone operators. Back then the technology was a little more limited than today and the drones were considerably larger! Our first drone had 8 powerful motors to get it airborne and weighed around 12KG!!

Today drones have transformed the way we capture aerial imagery and they are a superb addition to most productions. Nowadays just about anyone can fly a drone, they are easy to fly straight from the box but it’s the experience of flying and filming that sets us apart. Capturing smooth cinematic footage is something that requires skill and patience. We often use our drones to add to the production value of our films but also undertake aerial photography and aerial inspections.

We have been fortunate enough over the years to visit some amazing places and have years of experience flying. We are fully licensed and insured to operate commercially so get in touch today if you are looking for a professional drone filming service.

Our aerial showreel

North Wales

South Devon

Clifton Suspension Bridge

New Zealand – North Island

North Yorkshire

Savoie Mont Blanc

Spekes Mill Waterfall