“Rugby was born just a few miles from here…”

For our next short film for Fujifilm Print we were asked to re-visit John and Jamie of Emmerson Press.

Video production for business

For our next short film for Fujifilm Print we were asked to re-visit John and Jamie of Emmerson Press.  They wanted us to produce a short marketing video for their business. Having already worked with Emmersons before on a previous testimonial case study film we were looking forward to working with them once again.

Our ultimate aim with these films is to produce a story that both showcases the print company and Fujifilm, specifically their new leading inkjet Press. The Jet Press 750S.

We established a key link between Emmerson’s being based in Kenilworth which is just a short distance away from the town of Rugby, the place where the game was founded. Luckily for us, Rugby the sport has run in the Emmerson family for many generations and as a business, they sponsor their local team. This we thought was a natural fit for the basis of our film.

Over a two day shoot, we filmed by day in and around the factory and at night under flood lights at the local rugby club.  During our shoot on the first evening we only had 1 hour with the team so we had to move fast with a well planned shot list.  After a torrid day of rain we were blessed in the evening with clear skies and as with most things when filming you cannot plan for everything. Fortunately for us this particular evening we were greeted by a low lying mist that swept across the pitch which was a welcome addition to our shots.

The end result was a film that could be used both on Fujifilm’s new website and by Emmerson Press. With three films now under our belt in the Passion meets performance series, we are looking forward to producing more in 2020. Where to next? If you are thinking of producing content for your business get in touch, we’d love to help you.