Logistics giant UPS commissioned us to create two videos.
"Professional, creative and simply a great team to work with!"
Kiran Smith
Marketing Manager - UPS

Logistics giant UPS commissioned us to create two videos. To illustrate operations leading to the Christmas peak period for this marketing video, we filmed at various locations in the West Midlands and at the Tamworth hub, interviewing Tony Colaizzo, Director of UK Operations to add narrative to the film. To ensure the client’s message was delivered in full we also used a professional voice over artist to add more detailed information. The instantly recognisable UPS brown vans and uniform were key to the branding of the film, making sure that in every scene the UPS branding was prominent.

The second video was required to showcase the capabilities of the UPS flagship hub at Tamworth, the largest UPS ground hub outside of the USA. The facility can handle up to 42,000 parcels per hour so following parcels the maze over 800 conveyor belts in the facility. UPS were keen to emphasise that Tamworth is more than just a handling centre, so staff training and vehicle maintenance and servicing were also featured in the film. We decided to use a different voice-over artist and not to include an interview to deliver the detailed statistics to ensure a fresh look to the film. Both of the films have been used extensively by UPS to raise the awareness of customers in the UK.

In this day and age of online shopping, how your order actually gets to you is fascinating. Showing your clients and potential customers how your operation works from the inside is always a great idea. Giving them a real feeling that they can rely on your service. Marketing video depicting industrial operations are just one of the many type of film we create for leading multi national brands like UPS that serve to both inform and attract customers. Get in touch and let’s see what we can do you.