Berry Gardens

Video production and stills photography for Berry Gardens state-of-the-art fruit processing and packaging facility.

Berry Gardens


Video production and stills photography is what we do so when our good friends at Kayo Digital tasked us with creating these for Berry Gardens we were only too happy to oblige. 

Berry Gardens state-of-the-art fruit processing and packaging facility at Linton, near Maidstone certainly gave us plenty to work with.  Here they handle the produce from more than forty growers, all of whom are partners in Berry Gardens.  The finest quality soft fruit from around the UK is chilled, packed and distributed to all of the major retailers so there is a fair bet if you had some blueberries on your granola this morning, it came from Berry Gardens. 

Liasing with the marketing team, we were able to perform both video production and stills photography for use in a wide range of media.  Using the process as B-roll and interviews with key staff as the narrative, we created the story of Berry Gardens business as well as capturing still images to add value to the shooting days. Our experienced crew were on hand to coach the interviewees to ensure that the sound bites we shot worked perfectly with the B-roll shot earlier. 

 Working closely with Kayo as we have done on a number of occasions, were able to ensure that all of our images fitted exactly the concepts they had created for their client’s new website. We also filmed at nearby Clock House Farm, one of Berry Gardens grower members to showcase the fruit growing industry from field to store in the best possible way.  

 Using aerial footage to both introduce a different view and highlight the scale of the operations definitely adds to the overall quality of the film, as well as to underline the measures that Berry Gardens have taken to ensure that their operation is as sustainable as possible.  

If you are looking for the best possible images for the new website, give us a call and let us see what we can do for you.