Commotion – Product Videos

Commotion commissioned us to produce a series of high-energy, short promotional films for their toys.

Commotion Toys

Commotion toys were looking to create some short website videos for their products. Their brief was to produce videos with lots of energy to showcase their handmade toys.  After a quick discovery call followed by an on-site recce where we could get hands-on with all of the products, we put together a shooting concept.

To highlight the detail and hand-made nature of the toys we brought in our Macro Probe lens. Traditional macro lenses only offer close-up shots at around 100mm  ( close up) whereas our probe is 24mm (wide angle)  that can carry focus up to just a few cm from the end of the lens. Most of their products are small, just a few inches in size, so using this specialised lens allowed us to capture some unique perspectives of the products.

Shooting with this lens takes a fair bit of planning, you have to build your scene around what you are shooting because it is long and thin, it allows us to shoot angles that were previously impossible.