Bell Group Staff Engagement

Bell Group wanted to unveil their new headquarters with a staff engagement film.
Bell Group

It’s really great, all the shots are perfect with the script, great work everyone I absolutely love it!

Craig Bell


Bell Group

Staff engagement video is a vital tool in keeping your workforce up to date with changes in the company. Our long-term client Bell Group use video throughout almost every facet of their business and know very well the value of such films.

So when Craig Bell asked us to create a film for the unveiling of their new headquarters in Airdrie, we were quick to get stuck in!

While the new premises were of importance to Bell Group, they felt that they wanted a fresh type of film that focussed on their staff just as much. We liaised closely with the project managers of the film Helena Smith and Kirstin Mackay, planning every step of the day so that every minute of the day was captured. Bringing together staff from four offices, together under one roof was the focus of the film and their participation was crucial.

A brilliantly written script prepared by and delivered by Bell helped us to create an alluring and sometimes emotional film that showcases the very essence of the Bell Group values.