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Not all corporate video has to be the same, not all video production companies are the same.
ATAC Solutions
"Brilliant company to work with. Fully understood our brief at ATAC Solutions to help us create a promotional video for our website and social media channels. The process was hassle free and extremely easy which really helped whilst our company continued operations. Thanks to Dan and the team!"
Rebecca Patten
Marketing Manager - ATAC Solutions

Marketing videos come in many formats,  but most follow a similar theme:  interview, b-roll, call to action.  When Atac Solutions got in touch they knew they wanted a corporate video, but not like most.

After a good chat with Atac, from which we learned of their sponsorship of local sportsmen and decided that this was the best way forward.  The challenge then was to write a script that featured their main focus,  clean water,  without allowing it to ‘drown’ the message!  The script had to be short, focussed and clear in its delivery of that message,  we are different.

After a couple of drafts the script was settled upon and we then turned our attention to the main subject,  local professional boxer George Hennon.  Chatting through the options available with George we were able to arrange filming at the amazing Evolution gym in Aylesford, Kent.  We carried out a test shooting day to make sure that we could capture everything required within the timeframe available which paid dividends later!

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