The University of Kent

We are pleased to have worked with various departments within the University of Kent to create a wide range of films.  For the Kent Business School (KBS) we worked on a six month long project, following  students as they progressed through the Business Start-up Journey; a programme designed to help budding entrepreneurs develop their own business ideas.   We filmed live events at different locations throughout the campus,  all of which an insight into what students can expect to gain from the BSUJ.  We also included professional photography for the Pitching Day event, providing KBS with high quality, high-resolution imagery that can be used across several different media forms. Using our in-house aerial video capability,  we also captured some striking footage of the Sibson Building,  both outside and indoors in this stunning £35m state-of-the-art new home for KBS as well as for the School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science  (SMSAS).

For SMSAS we filmed testimonial interviews with students from many different backgrounds detailing what is on offer at the school.  The University attracts a large number of students from all over the world,  so for them to view other overseas students explaining the benefits of studying at the University of Kent makes their decision that much easier.  Using our expert interviewing skills we were able to coax from some slightly nervous post and under graduates, real insights into day to day life at Kent.   Taking great care in selecting interview locations, avoiding confused or stark, bland backgrounds means we are able to use a very shallow depth of field.  So adding in using multiple cameras, expert lighting and sound recording all contribute to giving the films an eye catching  cinematic feel which stand out from the rest.

The style of our work for KBS and SMSAS convinced the School of History that Copper Tree Media were the right partner for them.  We are currently working on a suite of films to include  student and lecturer interviews combined with footage obtained on campus and at historic sites throughout to underline the impressive range of subjects on offer under at the University.  Detailed planning of the shooting schedules is crucial to ensuring that the available time is maximised to capture the best possible footage.

The Sibson Building

School of Mathematics Statistics and Actuarial Science




The Business Start-Up Journey

Mathematics Undergraduates