Passion meets performance

This shoot had been some time in the making.
This shoot had been some time in the making. Working with our long-standing client Fujifilm Europe we usually produce client testimonial videos and capture their customers waxing lyrical about the new printing technology offering from Fujifilm. In this case, we had already been to visit Francisco of Straub Druck + Medien twice to shoot two films. It was from one of these visits that we captured Francisco speaking on camera about his passion for printing and how it all began for him.

This got us thinking that there was a story to tell here. When it was announced that Francisco was to be investing in his third Fujifilm Jet Press, Fujifilm wanted to send us back to the Black Forest in Germany to document this. This we thought was a perfect opportunity to create something different from the traditional format.

We began work on scripting a short narrative in conjunction with our friends at AD Communications that would tell Francisco’s story. We wanted the focus to be on him and his business. Ultimately the film is to advertise the strong partnership Straub Druck has with Fujifilm and how most of its success has been down to Fujifilm technology. We wanted to tell this without shouting about it, but rather subtly allow Francisco to get across his message whilst essentially giving a testimonial for Fujifilm and his new printer the Jet Press 750S. So with the script ready and the kit prepped we set off to Germany.

We began what was to be a 5-day trip filming for three days and on the road for two. The Black Forest area of Southern Germany is truly spectacular with breathtaking views and mountain roads perfect for the shots we had in mind. Franciso very generously gave us 3 days of his time which allowed us to capture the shots we required. The script was only around 2 minutes long but it’s the shots that tell the story as well as the voice so we needed to make sure we were getting the right content.

The concept of the film was designed to be multi-use for both Fujifilm and Straub Druck as a promotional piece. We would like to thank Francisco and his team for their generosity and their time given to make this film possible! Cheers!