Are you ready for your close up?

Our long term client Fujifilm required some close up Commerical photos of their newly launched Acuity printer.

Commercial Product Photography


Our long-standing customer Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems commission us on a regular basis  to produce corporate video production and customer portrait photography. We visit their clients sites and capture all the content they need. For this project however they wanted something a little different.

To coincide with the launch of the Acuity 5m printer,. The new machine is being installed in a freshly refurbished demo room and Fujifilm required some commercial product photography to be showcased on the wall.

The MD’s brief was in essence simple,  “I would like some abstract, arty images which are extreme close-up shots, to the point where we possibly cannot recognise what part of the machine we are looking at”

The point being to provoke intrigue for when customers visit the demo room to get them to ask questions about the images and to try and establish what part of the machine they were looking at, a good method to spark conversations about the new machines features.

Sounds simple but in fact when you are working on such a detailed level it can be rather tricky.!

Using a 100mm macro lens you can get incredibly close to your subject but the focus is critical. First, we had to identify what the focal point would be within the frame, you have only a narrow window of what can or cannot be in focus so picking this is your first step.

Next you must nail the focus and experiment with light, decide where you want the light to fall, or bounce from. Once your subject has been selected and the focus nailed it is then a case of experimenting with different angles of light. However, each time you must move you need to reset focus, so the process continues until you nail the shot.

We spent a day on-site to capture 17 macro shots that now sit pride of place on the Fujifilm Demo centre.

If you are looking for some commercial photography get in touch we would love to discuss your project with you.