Eco Egg

We were commissioned by Eco Egg to produce a number of videos to promote their products inline with their new website launch.
Eco Egg
The marketing team at Eco Egg contacted us to produce a series of videos to aid their new marketing campaign. After an initial discussion and a concept meeting to get to grips with their products and to understand their goals, we then discussed the different options available and settled on a mixture of video testimonials and animated films. In essence, the Eco Egg range or products, although effective are really rather simple concepts.

We started out with the animated videos for their Laundry and Dryers Eggs.

Our animator began by looking closely at the products to construct them into a graphic version for the film. The instruction was to produce the products in a semi- real way and not to model them on a lifelike scale. The beauty of an animated film is you realise the exact vision of the film through a storyboard. Our team will design a storyboard based on the agreed concept for you to view.

Once your storyboard is signed off we delve into the animation and bring the storyboard to life. Here is one of the videos we produced for their Dryer Egg.
Another style of video we adopted was to capture a customer testimonial film. Eco Egg’s products are all centered around being environmentally friendly so they wanted to tell the story of Emma a social media influencer on saving the environment. We paid a visit to Emma at her home and spoke to her about her experience in using the Eco Egg Laundry Egg.