We were commissioned by Brachers LLP, the leading law firm in Kent to produce a corporate film for display on their website together with three short films to back up their sponsorship of the annual Leeds Castle open air concert.
"Hi Dan and David, Thank you for all your hard work on the video, we are really pleased with it. Your attention to detail and creativity throughout was second to none"
Charlotte Boakes

Our brief was to create films that showcased the heritage, people, and ethos of Brachers.  We produced and scripted the films in-house at short notice to meet the deadline for the concert, delivering the project on time and on budget.  Filming over seven days,  we interviewed Brachers staff and clients and cast actors for several scenes.   We were also able to capture some eye-catching and memorable footage from various locations around Kent using our in-house aerial filming capability to underscore Brachers presence in the county.

Client testimonial video and staff interviews require expertise to put the subject at ease and to coach from them the best possible answers and footage.  We used all of our expertise to ensure that the content we captured was on-message, interesting, and retained the viewer’s attention. Music choices were crucial to effectively get across the message for the very different films, each essential to the overall brief.   We were able to maximise our time to create real value for Brachers,  delivering multiple-use content that will remain current for a significant period of time.