Le Mans 24 Hours

Who can resist the sights and sounds of motor racing at night?  We had no hesitation accepting the challenge to capture the awesome Le Mans 24 hr 2018, particularly from a first time spectator’s point of view.  Together with our good friend Santiago Pilgrim of 42 South Films,  we set off hoping for a memorable trip and were not disappointed.

The sheer buzz and expectation of the crowds,  slowly building from mid-week to an amazing 256,000 by race day, as well as the atmosphere in and around the campsites was for us a priority -capture the spirit of Le Mans!  The pit lane walk and Mad Friday burn-outs are highlights of Le Mans 24 hr 2018 not to be missed any year.

As the race starts the variation of car types creates an amazing spectacle which we were able to capture from the huge number of vantage points available.  As night falls the sights even surpasses that of the day, creating memorable imagery of car and driver racing on the limit.  For those spectators able to last, the racing through the night does not disappoint.  Toyota delivers their first ever victory and well deserved it is.

On our return to the editing suite, we spent a great deal of time to enhance the audio of the film, adding commentary and effects to truly depict this amazing event.  Careful selection of the accompanying music track helps to slowly build tension before and during the race.  Advanced colour grading boosted the appearance of the shots and gave us the opportunity to make a film that we hope will stay long in the memory of those who were lucky enough to be there; and maybe make up the minds who have not yet experienced the ultimate in motor racing.