Bell Group Animation

Working practice videos – why animation is best

Ensuring your staff interact with clients and members of the public in the right way is crucial to any business.  To effectively get across the message of good working practice is a difficult choice for most. Live filmed explainer videos tend to take a great deal of time to get across  the correct procedures, leading to overly long films that lose the attention of the viewer. They can also be a little dry and let’s be honest, a bit tedious.

Any instructional film for your staff,  whether it is in this case working practices or health & safety is a serious an important matter. But it is also essential that viewers do pay the maximum attention to the film so we believe that introducing humour is a great way to do this. 

The UK’s leading nationwide decorating & contracting company, Bell Group decided that this approach was exactly the way forward and tasked us with creating an animation to do just this. Having carefully studied their staff handbook which covers all aspects of working practices,  we created a storyboard to encapsulate all of the major points to be made.  When the client was happy with this storyboard,  we produced a script, introducing two characters,  Perfect Pete Evans and Johnny Riddor to emphasise good and bad techniques.  Perfect Pete Evans – PPE to those in know represents Personal Protective Equipment.  As most construction companies will be aware, Riddor stands for Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

After we had commissioned a professional voice-over to serve as the framework,  we passed the storyboard to our animation team to create the film.  Close consultation with the client throughout the animation process enables us to ensure that the finished film was exactly what they were looking for. The film is currently being used to ensure existing staff are reminded of good working practice as well as part of an induction for new employees. Get in touch  to see how we can help your organisation deliver key messages to your workforce.