Dynasil – Hilger Crystals

Marketing Films For US Based Multinational Dynasil

When US based multinational Dynasil were looking for an agency to create a suite of videos for their UK based subsidiary Hilger Crystals they looked at a number of candidates in the UK. After reviewing the work of London based agencies and considering their pitches, they decided Copper Tree Media were their best creative option. 

Hilger Crystals, based in Margate, Kent manufactures the highest quality components for use in a wide range on high-tech equipment, including baggage scanners, x-ray detectors and gamma ray detectors.  

Our brief was to create video to show the complex manufacturing processes while at the same time focussing on Hilger’s core values of quality and close collaboration with clients to produce exactly what is required. We used a wide range of techniques, including our macro probe lens to get close in to the action, creating memorable images to fully illustrate the manufacturing process. Using standard talking head interviews, cut with B-roll of the workplace and team members, we were able to convey the dedication to excellence that Hilger are renowned for. In addition to the corporate overview, we delivered several “Meet the Expert” films in which key Hilger staff members were able to give in great detail a clear insight into what it’s like working with Hilger. 

Over the years here at Copper Tree Media we have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of manufacturing companies to highlight the very different processes that are required to deliver product to the market. From printers of the highest quality, robots for military use and kitchens, every video we produce will both inform and engage the viewer, giving them a great understanding of each company and its abilities. 

So, if your company is making widgets or warships, why not give Copper Tree Media a call and see what we can do to raise your profile. 

Hilger Marketing Film

Meet The Expert Films