Live event filming

Live event filming with real time edit

Inprint & Productronica 2017 We recently had a busy week working with Fujifilm, live event filming on their stands at Productronica and InPrint 2017 in Munich.  Fujifilm  chose this event to launch their new Acuity B1 printing system as well as to showcase their amazing membrane overlay printing systems.  Our crew were on the stand for 2 days capturing video…

Corporate Video For Award Winning Law Firm

Having looked at several video production companies in Kent, Brachers, the South East’s leading solicitors decided that Copper Tree Media had the individual style needed create a corporate video for their new website.  Brachers needed short videos to be shown at the renowned Leeds Castle open air concert which they were sponsoring as well as a…

Client Testimonial Video

An interesting and engaging client testimonial video which gives a true insight into a production process will always grab the attention of contemporaries and competitors of your client.  They are sure to study what equipment is being used to ensure that they are up to speed with new developments in the market so that they can make an informed decision about their own business.

Working practice videos – why animation is best

Ensuring your staff interact with clients and members of the public in the right way is crucial to any business.  To effectively get across the message of good working practice is a difficult choice for most. Live filmed explainer videos tend to take a great deal of time to get across  the correct procedures, leading to overly long films that lose the attention of the viewer.  They can also be a little dry and let’s be honest, a bit tedious.

Video Marketing; Things You Need To Know

When you are choosing a company to create a video for you, whatever field you are in,  it is essential to fully understand exactly what kind of video you want and how you want to use it before you start.  Get a clear idea of who is your target audience and what medium you will use to grab their attention.   Staff engagement video to deliver an important message to all staff will be very different from a promotional video for viewing by customers.   Talk to your production company and make sure they take the time to understand exactly what you want.  Lots of lovely images may look great but if they don’t deliver your message then they will not have any effect.

Video Production. Where, when & why

Video Production – Where when & why Why do you want a video producing?    Do you have a new product?  Or maybe just to say that we are better than the rest.  There must be a clear goal at the end of the project so whatever the reason,  get a clear idea of what…

Video Marketing in 2017- 6 Month Update.

2017 video marketing so far….travelling, filming and more travelling… 2017 started off pretty much where we left 2016, with lot’s of travelling around Europe filming  some great video marketing projects. It is safe to say our crew have a second home and it’s called the Eurotunnel!! First up we visited Les Saisies ski resort in France…

Why use video testimonials?

For any business their reputation is important, as a business owner you do your very best to keep your customers happy and to deliver what you promise. In the first contact with a new customer it is down to your sales team to make that all so important ‘ first impression’ Sadly, today we live in a world where most markets are saturated and competition is plentiful.