Aerial filming using the latest UAV technology,  more commonly known as drones, we capture incredibly smooth cinematic footage and high resolution photography in a far more cost effective way than using a traditional methods. We fly lower and closer to the action than a helicopter and there is no need for expensive cranes on set that take an age to setup; our drone can achieve everything a crane can do and more. A combination of aerial and terrestrial video will give any video a great mix of perspective and maintain the interest of the viewer for longer.

Just about anybody can make an aerial film so what puts Copper Tree Media apart from the rest?  It is not only the technical requirements which include CAA Permission for Aerial Work and full insurance cover, but several years of experience in aerial filming and the ability to make films that will take your breath away; at least that’s what our clients say.  Including aerial video in your corporate film provides a new dimension to the overall look of a project a gives the viewer an engaging insight into the message you want to deliver.


Aerial Showreel

North Yorkshire



South Devon

Savoie Mont Blanc