Tarmac commissioned us to produce two induction videos for their sites in West Thurrock and Northfleet. They already had two existing videos but were not happy with the quality and engagement they were getting from them. Our task was to in essence re-shoot the films and add production value in order to recreate a more creative and engaging film.

Starting out began by meeting with our client to establish what in the existing films did not hit the mark, what we needed to capture in order to create the films and undertake a site recce to establish how long we would need in production. Of course with higher production value comes additional budget and time required to get the shots needed. We created the films using our steadi-cam, crane and drone equipment all of which takes more time to set up and use than the traditional point and shoot on a tripod!

Armed with a detailed shot list and schedule we re-shot the videos over two days and delivered the films on time and within budget. Working closely with our client meant we kept them informed throughout the shoot of what we were capturing to ensure we were on track. After all, safety is a serious subject so we had to make sure everything on the camera was correct.

The end deliverables were two induction videos that varied in content to be suited to visitor or contractors on the site. Throughout the films, the viewers are asked questions and given an opportunity to answer to help with engagement.