Eco Egg

Eco Egg commissioned us to produce a suite of marketing videos to aid heir new marketing campaign and to coincide with the launch of their new website.

We started with an initial meeting and met with Lisa and Harriet on the marketing team to establish their goals and to understand their product range. From here we were able to establish what style of video would be best suited. Overall the project amounted to 5 individual videos accompanied by social media versions.

The breakdown of films was to be animated product films and 2 live-action case studies. In essence, the products that Eco Egg offer are very effective and cost-efficient but limited in terms of what is available to film visually.

We created two animated marketing videos to showcase the Laundry Egg and Dryer Egg.

For our live filming video case study, Eco Egg contacted Emma Ross a social media blogger with a substantial Instagram following. Emma is passionate about the environment, has adopted many eco swags around her family home. We thought she would be a fitting subject to speak with on camera to tell her experience of using the Laundry Egg. By working in conjunction with Emma and her agency Eco Egg are able to utilise the following on Instagram and share with Emma’s audience who we know are all key to their target demographic.