Working with our go-to photographer Chris Boulton we wanted to create a short film and photo narrative of friendship following three friends who getaway to the wild.  We had already chosen our location for the shoot by visiting Exmoor National park late in 2018 to scope our locations.  It was on this trip we also created Chris’s film. During the planning stage, Chris had the ambition to involve some brands to aid the visual storytelling and it was not long before we had quite a few on board.  Blundstone Boots, Peregrine Clothing, British Vintage Boxing, and Gloucester Land Rover were all keen to be involved.

Now we had our brands we needed our actors / models and we soon got three great guys on board. Owain Jones, Glen Power and Nick Pearce. We are now ready for the shoot and three long, wet and windy days spent on Exmoor were to follow. Hanging off the back of Land Rovers as they battled through bumpy narrow coastal paths, braving the wind and sideways rain with our kit and trekking up and down cliffs were just part of what the shoot involved.  Make no mistake we knew exactly what we were in for and although tough, it was ultimately great fun!

The Film




At the start of this trip, we knew we wanted to create a behind the scenes film to give some insight into what went into the project. Often you see a completed short film, grab a coffee and spend 2 minutes watching without any thought of what went into making it. We really enjoy what we do but often it is not easy and we think it’s good to show our clients what goes into making our films. We want to thank our amazing crew who made this shoot possible, the great models and all of the brands for supplying the clothing. A special mention goes to Dan and Russ from Gloucester Land Rover who spent two long days with us, and although the Land Rovers were a visual part of the film they were also a crucial element of the shoot without which we simply would not have been able to access some of the locations. So here it is 3-days of behind the scenes condensed into 4 minutes, warts and all.


Behind The Scenes