So you need to do an interview.   Maybe for a client testimonial, a recruitment film or even a message to staff.  Whatever the topic,   it’s a sure bet the interviewees will be nervous.   Even the most competent CEO can have a brain freeze. Anybody would when they are faced with cameras and lighting. And then interviewer shows up!

The most important thing for the interview?

Getting the right message across is the most important thing from the interview.   The best way to do this is to make sure your subjects are relaxed in front of the camera.   Some prefer to view the questions first although this doesn’t work for everybody.   It’s really down to the interviewer to get the best out of them.   Get them at ease with their surroundings and you will be halfway there.

What does the interviewer do?

There are always a few do’s and don’t that will help with the edit.  Bombarding the subject with a long list won’t help.  A few light-hearted comments and an explanation of what you are looking for will do the job.   A few minutes chatting will calm them down and let them get to know you.  The best time to get those relaxed, smiley shots is before the interview starts. Everybody feels a bit tense when the director says action. So tell them you are having a practice run without the camera rolling – when of course  you are.  

The most important thing of all

The most important thing of all is to listen.   Listen to the answers to make sure they give you what you are looking for. Study how the subject is coming across.  Understand what will and what won’t work in the final edit.  Keeping answers short and simple is a good way to go. Long rambling replies are always difficult to cut.   Remember,  you are having a conversation with the subject rather than  formal  Q & A

This method will always deliver the best results.  Leaving the viewer with a feeling they really mean what they say.  Not just some corporate mantra. 

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