There has been a lot of research about the effectiveness of video.  Google, Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube (well they would wouldn’t they?)  have all studied it’s importance and all of them have concluded that it’s the only way forward.  

So here come the numbers on the effectiveness of video:-

  • 49% of companies who use video will grow faster than those that don’t
  • 64% of people searching online prefer to watch a video rather than read text.
  • 73% will retain detail shown in a video than by reading text
  • 80% of all internet searches will be done by hand held devices by 2020

So what’s your message?

  • A Product launch. 
  • How to explainers. 
  • For HR people there is a whole range of topics;  Company branding, Recruitment, On-boarding and Staff communications.   
  • Client communications;  maybe it’s just to say “Thanks” or even “Sorry”. 


Whatever the message, video will get it across in the right way to the right people.  Smart, savvy, slick,  just some of the words used to describe what we have made recently.  The range of techniques on offer to create memorable films are almost unlimited.  Serious, fun, animation,  we have done them all.

Take a look at our short showreel here

Power of video

“Show, don’t tell”.

This is the  single most effective way to explain the power of the moving image over stills.  People  want to see what it’s like working for your company, engage with somebody trying to deliver a message or see a new product from every angle and in use rather than looking at a still image.  Look at it like this:  a video is a window into your company;  an opportunity for the viewer to get to know you and what you stand for.  It’s also a brilliant tool for showing your staff just how much you appreciate them. Whether you are a multi-national company or just starting out,  videos will tell the world what you want them to know.

That’s why video is so important in getting your message across. 

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