2018 was a busy year for Copper Tree Media,  here are some behind the scenes shots of what we have been up to. We guess its fair to say we travel a lot.  For sure we have had our fair share of check-in desks, car rental pick-ups, and motorway service stations.  From the battlefields of Belgium to the Berlin Wall, it’s what we do to get the job done and we love it!


The kit, why so much?

OK, so maybe we don’t love so much the packing and unpacking of the kit.  Many of our clients are amazed at the amount of equipment we carry to complete the shoot.  Cameras (of course), tripods, glide tracks, lighting and stabilised gimbals, the list is endless.  Chuck in a drone or two to complete the package and the car is always full.  And waiting at the baggage carousel to see what comes off is always tense!



Variety is everything

But more than anything else we love the variety.  So whether it’s printers in Austria, trucks at Heathrow or Spitfires in Kent, the subjects have been amazing.  They have given us loads of scope to make some great films.


It’s all about the people

Wherever we go people are truly accommodating and  cannot do enough to help.  Without them our job would be so much harder. During the year we have worked with some great people and we would like to say thank you to all of them.   Clients, crew, or interview subjects, they have all been brilliant.


Copper Tree Media 2018 –  year of highlights

At Copper Tree Media we make films for a living, but along the way we have some fun too.  Who could call a trip to Le Mans work? Getting up close to Spitfires and other vintage aircraft was also an unforgettable experience.   Meeting dedicated staff in care homes around the region was pretty special too.


From all of us here, THANKS,  it’s been a blast.  Give us a call and bring on 2019 !