Getting a call from  French-based rock band Carousel Vertigo last year was intriguing. They wanted two music videos to accompany the launch of the band’s forthcoming album “Revenge of Rock and Roll”.  While this type of work is not our mainstream of business we were happy to oblige.

With the shoot set for a stunning location on the cliff tops in Kent, we set about planning and scripting the films straight away.  The two tracks to be featured were very different in style so we had to work had to get the right balance.  Actors were booked for some scenes,  the drone was fired up and ready to go and all we needed was some good weather.  Thankfully the gods were smiling on us and we had two days of blazing sunshine!

Working closely with the band we were able to get the real essence of the rocking “No more hesitatin”.  Sweeping aerial and close up Steadicam shots of the band performing on the cliff tops were exactly how we envisaged them during planning.   The much more atmospherical “Hideaway”  needed a completely different approach.  Telling the story of a young couple’s break-up,  we shot scenes in and around the house and at night to give a soulful appearance to the video.  Jansen’s riffs and Vincent’s vocals really made the track come to life.

We spent a lot of time at the editing stage to make sure the films were exactly what the band were looking for,   which is a feature of everything we do.  Listening to the client and then getting the right look is fundamental to what we do.   The whole Copper Tree crew had a blast over three days at Abbots Cliff House making these music videos and we hope it shows in these two films. Why not give us a call and see our versatility can help your business along, you might not want music videos but who knows what we can create for you?