Leading Heathrow trucking company and previous client Guest Express Transport needed help to make them stand out from their competitors. They of course came back to Copper Tree  to showcase the new additions to their fleet by using our combined video/photography package.

It’s all in the planning

We took a great deal of time researching locations  to maximise shooting time.   Using both urban and rural settings gave us the chance to depict the vehicles in a wide range of interesting and memorable settings.  We also spent a lot of time listening to the client to understand exactly the job that each vehicle does. This way we were able to get the required message across best.

You name it, we used it

Drones, stabilised gimbals, Go-Pro, sliders – we used the lot!  We were able to capture some amazing video footage and had quite a lot of fun doing it too!      The Guest Express fleet was shot on the move and at rest to demonstrate the versatility available to potential clients.  Eye catching shots of the trucks in various locations gave the film a real sense of drive and energy.  Short social media clips of the whole fleet provide the client with the tools to show any new clients what they have to offer.

Photography at its best

Our expert photographers shot some truly memorable photos of the vehicles for use in a wide range of media.  State of the art editing techniques were used to enhance the photos and make them really stand out.  Guest now have quality images that can be used repeatedly within their publicity to get real value from working with Copper Tree.

A combined video/photography package makes sense

This is the way to get real value from time spent showcasing your company.  Stills and video are both essential tools in today’s modern marketing needs and getting real value is a must for everybody.  Here at Copper Tree Media we can offer attractive packages for any company looking to raise their profile, why not take a look at our work here  ?

Give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.