Having looked at several video production companies in Kent, Brachers, the South East’s leading solicitors decided that Copper Tree Media had the individual style needed create a corporate video for their new website.  Brachers needed short videos to be shown at the renowned Leeds Castle open air concert which they were sponsoring as well as a longer corporate film for website use.

We had extensive discussions about locations across Kent and client testimonial contribution before settling on formats for both types of film.  Employing actors for some scenes we created to showcase Brachers clients, people and heritage for the concert as well as more in depth interviews for the corporate video. A great deal of time was spent in pre-production to ensure that the complex shooting schedule over eight days at more than ten locations went without a hitch.  Several versions of the script were drafted before we were satisfied that the correct message was being delivered.

One of our great advantages over our competitors is the extensive range of in-house equipment we can call upon, avoiding the need for delays in hiring. Our fully in-house aerial capability, combined with steadi-cam, high quality lighting and state-of-the art motorised glide track are all used to create the most cinematic films possible, making them stand out from the crowd.

Working to a very tight deadline we were able to create the concert films. Lengthy editing of the footage available allowed us to use only the very best content for inclusion in the corporate video. 

Combining the footage obtained for both projects allowed us to create a corporate video of great variety in a much more cost effective manner.  So if you need a video for a special occasion like an exhibition or maybe a crowd funding presentation why not give us a call and let us see what we can do for you.

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