Why a client testimonial video?

Fujifilm asked us to make a client testimonial video to showcase their client Ticketmedia’s purchase of Fujifilm’s Flenex FW plates . Most important was to highlight waste reduction and greener credentials of the product. Showing the product in operation as well as hearing from a satisfied customer is always a winner. Getting the customer to explain how the product has transformed their business will make others sit up.  Most companies claim that their service is second to none,  but having a client telling the world about the high standard of your service is quite simply irreplaceable.

What to look for when planning a testimonial

An interesting and engaging client testimonial video which gives a true insight into a production process will always grab the attention of contemporaries and competitors of your client.  They are sure to study what equipment is being used to ensure that they are up to speed with new developments in the market so that they can make an informed decision about their own business.  Our highly experienced and fully in-house equipped professionals were able to create this client testimonial during  only one day to minimise disruption to the client.   Auto-cue, high quality lighting and sound recording were used to  maximum effect in the most cost effective way possible.


Getting value for money

Another feature of this project was the addition of commercial photography. Sophisticated lighting and editing techniques can create memorable still images for use across social and other media.   Our combined packages represent great value for our clients who are able to maximise their clients time and have available more than one means of getting their message across at minimal extra cost.  Fujifilm have long considered that client testimonial video is an essential marketing tool and this example adds to their impressive portfolio, while at the same time underling the quality and service available from this leading provider of printing solutions.   If you think a client testimonial video will benefit your business, why not give us a call to discuss what we can do for your company.