Video Production – Where when & why

Why do you want a video producing?   

Do you have a new product?  Or maybe just to say that we are better than the rest.  There must be a clear goal at the end of the project so whatever the reason,  get a clear idea of what you want to achieve at the start.   

How are you going to use your video? 

A web-based video production will probably hold the viewer’s attention for longer than a social media clip which is designed as a teaser for the main event.  Possibly you want a video that is of an instructional nature for your existing workforce or even an annual report to show your investors, partners and staff what has been happening over the past year.

One of the most important aspects to consider is who is your target audience?  Whether the film is for recruitment,  sales orientated or simply just to say we got it wrong to our existing clients,  it is essential to know before you start.  Audience engagement is key to making a successful film.

Getting the message across in the clearest way will give you more chance of reaching your target audience. Talking head style interviews with current staff is always the best way to achieve successful recruitment.  Professional presenters can demonstrate a new product or service usually in a clearer, more concise way than staff members and of course client testimonials  are a great way to get your message across to potential clients.

Give some thought to where you think the video can be filmed to your best advantage.  Smaller companies with less facilities would benefit from using a studio where all of the elements of filming, lighting, sound and no interruptions can be used to their greatest effect.  Larger companies with attractive offices and plenty of space will find that showcasing their operations suit them better.  On site filming of ongoing or completed projects or at client’s premises are also options for some but will need a lot of co operation from others.  Multiple locations will inevitably increase cost but may well give a more interesting insight into your activities.

High quality video production is by far the best way to reach your audience and the play button on any screen will entice the viewer into dwelling longer on your website.  Whatever the aim of your video,  make sure you engage with a professional production company that will take the time to walk you through all of the steps.

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