Video Marketing; Things You Need To Know

When you are choosing a company to create a video marketing campaign for you, whatever field you are in,  it is essential to fully understand exactly what kind of video you want and how you want to use it before you start.  Get a clear idea of who is your target audience and what medium you will use to grab their attention.   Staff engagement video to deliver an important message to all staff will be very different from a promotional video for viewing by customers.   Talk to your production company and make sure they take the time to understand exactly what you want.  Lots of lovely images may look great but if they don’t deliver your message then they will not have any effect.

Good production companies will know that generally a promotional video for website play is more likely to get views for the whole length of the film if it’d not more than 2 – 2:30.  Clips for showing on social media ideally need to be shorter,  in the range of 30 seconds and  are best used as a trailer to the full length film on your website.  Take a look at one of our recent social media clips:-

Induction or staff engagement video can be longer, especially if there are essential working practice messages to deliver.  Maybe those message are best delivered by animation; introducing a little humour into the film will always ensure maximum attention but be careful not to use irony,  this does not work well in delivering a corporate message.

Variety of content is also key to creating a video that will be viewed attentively.  Too many “talking heads” delivering lengthy statements will normally generate a yawn.  Subjects delivering a message, interspersed with shots of them interacting with others of even just walking in the street will always look better.   Fast paced editing and creative lighting will also go along way to ensuring you get the most from your film. 

We recently created this film with plenty of variety in 2:30, the ideal length for a website film:-

Most important of all is the quality of the footage.  Is it in focus? – you will be amazed how many we see that aren’t.  Is it properly lit? Professional production companies will have a wide range of lighting to ensure the best possible images are created.  How is the sound quality?  Listening to a message delivered in a noisy environment recorded using simply an on-board camera microphone is not good enough.  Good production companies will invest time and money in broadcast quality radio microphones and locations to ensure that your viewer can hear what is being said.  How does the back drop look? Testimonial videos using 3 or 4 people all discussing the same subject filmed in the same location with a confused backdrop are simply boring.  Varying the backdrop and depth of field are crucial to making a film that other will want to view.


An example of our testimonial style videos can be seen here:-

Whatever type of video marketing you require,  it pays to study your prospective production company’s portfolio.  It’s a fair bet that what you can see on their website is the best they have.  If these films match the criteria above your are on the right track.  If maybe they don’t then take a little more time and talk to a few more companies,  remember cheapest is unlikely to be the best value.

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