2017 video marketing so far….travelling, filming and more travelling…

2017 started off pretty much where we left 2016, with lot’s of travelling around Europe filming  some great video marketing projects. It is safe to say our crew have a second home and it’s called the Eurotunnel!!

First up we visited Les Saisies ski resort in France to capture some aerial drone video and photography. A lovely quiet ski resort with charm and our drone certainly captured the beautiful landscape. Having the first chance to test out our newly acquired drone specifically designed for travelling, our team were able to fly and ski at the same time which made this a particularly enjoyable project.

Our second European trip was to Ypres in Belgium to shoot a marketing video for Dynasafe International. We were commissioned to produce a film to showcase a brand new one of a kind facility, specifically designed for the demilitarisation of World War 1 chemical weapons! The site in Langemark-Poelkapelle near the German military cemetery sits secretly hidden within woodland with a complex maze of roads leading in and out. Each day we visited the facility we were taken a different route, something we later realised was quite deliberate and not just our guide getting lost!

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We were required to film inside the facility and as a result the crew had to wear protective clothing, dangerous chemicals were still present in the air and although this made filming rather uncomfortable, we soon got on with the job in hand pretending we were cast members of Breaking Bad! The facility itself is state of the art, with impressive technology all round that was perfectly suited to our style of cinematic filming.

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What we learned on this trip about WW1 was fascinating to say the least! During the war both the German and the Allies fired 1.45 billion shells!  of which around 66 million were chemical weapons!! Each year the locals of Ypres and the surrounding areas uncover 250 tonnes of unexploded ordnance, every year for the past 100 years! This is known as the Iron Harvest

The facility that Dynasafe have built takes the unexploded ordnance, safely destroys the explosives and cleans the dangerous gasses, all to help clear the Fields of Flanders making it safer year on year for the locals of Ypres and the surrounding areas.  In addition to filming at the facility we had to set the scene to demonstrate why Dynasafe had built it in the first place. Our team visited just some of the many many cemeteries and memorials in the area, something that was a very special experience. We couldn’t help feel grateful for the sacrifice that so many made for us. From Tyne Cot cemetery, New Buttes, The Brooding Soldier and the Menin Gate to name just a few….

It was whilst filming at these memorial locations David came across something that left us quite speechless. The Menin Gate memorial, home to 54,896 soldiers without a known grave gave us somewhat of a cold chill. Directly at eye level was the name D. ORRELLS. We spent a great deal of time researching this man and later found out he was actually a David Orrells. My great, great, great uncle who was killed on the afternoon of August 9th 1917, together with 5 others by shell fire. Finding this only served to add to what was already a very special project to be a part of!!

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Here is a short remembrance film we were able to create from the footage we captured and released to coincide with Anzac Day. The video has since been used on the official Flanders Fields tourism page.

Moving on from Belgium and our next trip saw us travel to Germany for Fujifilm to capture a customer video testimonial and commercial photography at Logo Werbetechnik GmbH. Our crew are well accustomed to travelling to European business conducting interviews for marketing and testimonial videos and high quality still imagery.

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After a 3 day trip to Germany it was back to the UK to get stuck into the next project for Brachers. As an award winning law firm Brachers have a lot to talk about and they understand the importance of video marketing. We were commissioned to produce a series of videos to accompany Brachers sponsorship of the Leeds Castle classical concert. Our team shot over 5 days to produce 3 videos for the event whilst also capturing content for a marketing video for their website.

Alongside our live action filming and photography team our motion graphics guys have been busy working on a animated induction video for Bell Group. A combination of live filming and 2D graphics will be used to create an engaging and comical induction video for the contractors at Bell Group. Motion graphics are a very efficient way of relaying lot’s of information across to your team or to promote your service or product. We are now moving into the animation stage of the project and it’s due to be completed by August.

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In summary  it’s been a busy first half to the year which has flown by. Next up we have trips to Normandy, Germany, Italy and Spain to think about. That’s all for now until the next update.


Dan Orrells


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Dan Orrells - Director - Copper Tree Media Ltd