Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman asked us to produce a corporate marketing video for their facility in Coventry dedicated to the service and repair of their new unmanned ground vehicles, remotely- operated robots designed to defuse Improvised Explosive Devices.  In order to maintain security levels, a great deal of the development facility was not available for filming and certain aspects of the UGV’s were also restricted.       This of course created a number of challenges which we were able to overcome,   creating a film to demonstrate the capability of the facility.  We used a number of techniques including a point-of-view concept for the operation of the UGV,  mounting our cameras on the equipment while in operation.

We also were able to interview key staff members of the development team who provided detail and narration for the project, avoiding the use of voiceover.

Marketing videos of highly technical equipment and manufacturing processes will always hold the attention of a viewer and  will demonstrate the complexity of the process or product in a far more informative manner than printed media.