Video Marketing; Things You Need To Know

When you are choosing a company to create a video for you, whatever field you are in,  it is essential to fully understand exactly what kind of video you want and how you want to use it before you start.  Get a clear idea of who is your target audience and what medium you will use to grab their attention.   Staff engagement video to deliver an important message to all staff will be very different from a promotional video for viewing by customers.   Talk to your production company and make sure they take the time to understand exactly what you want.  Lots of lovely images may look great but if they don’t deliver your message then they will not have any effect.

Video Production. Where, when & why

Video Production – Where when & why Why do you want a video producing?    Do you have a new product?  Or maybe just to say that we are better than the rest.  There must be a clear goal at the end of the project so whatever the reason,  get a clear idea of what…