Video testimonials are a great way to improve your image and built trust with new clients. For any business their reputation is important, as a business owner you do your very best to keep your customers happy and to deliver what you promise. In the first contact with a new customer it is down to your sales team to make that all so important ‘ first impression’ Sadly, today we live in a world where most markets are saturated and competition is plentiful. You may be doing very well but how do you share your success with prospective clients.

Research has shown that 78% of people now trust and rely on online reviews just as much as a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance.

Standard plain-website text testimonials are fine, better than none at all but who is to say the business owner themselves didn’t write these in his or hers spare time? A video testimonial creates a personable ‘bridge’ between your business and your customers. By taking the time to have professionally produces video testimonials you are creating an emotional connection to your customer, allowing potential new clients to hear first hand why they should chose to do business with you. The fact in life is simple, people respond to like minded people and if your video promotes a happy, cheerful customer singing your praises then you are half way there to securing the deal. Relationships in business are vital and a video testimonial is the gateway to building that relationship that is founded on trust from the outset.



Every business will have it’s own certain way of marketing and promoting themselves but there is one common method that is used worldwide, world of mouth! A video testimonial is essentially a short film spreading the word for you. You can not only use them on your website but share them across social media and other platforms to cement your presence in the market.

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